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Thread: Amstrad CPC 6128 internal disk drive problems

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    Question Amstrad CPC 6128 internal disk drive problems

    I recently acquired an Amstrad CPC 6128. I found information on the net on how to replace internal 3" disk drive belt (which was, unsurprisingly, broken). I could not find a proper belt, so I used a rubber band which seemed to be around the same width and thickness, though a little short.

    Now the disk drive gives a read error instead of a disk missing error. My question is whether there is supposed to be a small black rubber belt around the drive motor wheel, or is it left overs from the broken belt (the belt was wrapped around the motor wheel in pieces)? If it is just a left over from the broken belt, the drive would spin at a slightly incorrect speed, causing the read error.

    Other possibility, I guess, is that the read head is also broken or dirty, though it seemed fine (but I don't know enough about 3" drives to know for sure). Lastly, the replacement rubber band might be too tight (though I guess slipping would more of a problem).

    I would appreciate any helpful advice.

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    Ah, never mind. The rubber band had slipped off as I was reassembling the machine (and was resting on the smaller spindle). So indeed, the problem was with drive speed, but a much more radical than I thought.

    Now I have a fully working CPC 6128. Next: to build a link cable and try to get SymbOS working. AMSDOS and CP/M are all nice and fine, but I want multitasking and windows on my CPC.


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