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    I recently moved. With that I found my old Wang PC circa 1987.
    I connected the cables, plugged it in and flipped the switch.
    I whined and wirred and the monitor came to life.
    Go to enter the date. The 1 key didn't work. Next the enter and execute keys didn't work.

    Any suggestions? Or do I have an anchor?

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    I suggest you stop playing with your old Wang.

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    Do you have another AT keyboard to try. IIRC, the cable ends matches the AT plug.

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    goofy Wang commercial from Australia:

    You should be more specific. Yes 1987 is too late for *the* Wang PCs, early IBM incompatibles. But when I see "Wang PC" I think of them.

    I have one of the 386 based units, found on the side of the road w/a PC/AT. No k/b though, so I can't offer any specific help. All I know is 1 or both has financial data from IIRC Chase bank. Maybe someone was doing work from home. Think I've found machines w/sensitive data? Probably not.

    Y'all should stop dissing Mr. Wang and others w/the same name.


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