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Thread: Science of Cambridge (Sinclair) MK14

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    This is both to BUMP the thread in case you didn't see the above reply DAVER? And to say I have been getting some software converted from magazine listings which should be able to make use of the VHDL! I would still like to sort out the MOONLAND issue though so would be handy to know what I am looking for.


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    I've been off on one of my regular trawls around looking for new MK14 related material and found this series of four videos from the creator of the JMP replica MK14 PCBs. They illustrate another brilliant (and potentially very quick) way of loading program code into an MK14.

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    Thanks for the 'bump'. I completely missed your post. Been busy over in DEC PDP-8 land recently (although I did pull my MK14 stuff out of the storage box yesterday would you believe!).

    >>> Can you confirm if MOONLAND ran OK on yours or was that one of the funnies you had? If it does not work on yours either then I will look perhaps for an SC/MP or display emulation error. The code contains no copyright statement and although you have shared it above on a public forum I would appreciate if you could clarify how you see that as I would love to get it running on the Spectrum Next (a Spartan 6) and if you were OK, allow the voluntary dev team (who I will need help from to add the outer VHDL wrapper) to eventually include it with the distribution - most of which is GPL or similar open source licences - if code has none they add a generic project one with the named authors with the usual liability exclusions...

    I found that sometimes stuff would work and sometimes it wouldn't. I suspect a timing/glitch/synchronisation bug somewhere. I have been working a lot with TTL recently, so I will have another look at the VHDL again sometime to see if it is a clock domain issue.

    Quite happy to release the work I have done for non-commercial use under a GPL or similar open source license condition provided that credit is given to me for the original work and that there is no warrantly, support or any other implied terms or liability arising with the original work.



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