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Thread: New additions - TRS-80 Model IIIs

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    Default New additions - TRS-80 Model IIIs

    Just picked up two TRS-80 Model IIIs of eBay and no more than a 10 mile round trip to collect them. The seller listed just the one as "was told it was working when stored 20 years ago" which to me says it doesn't work. When I got there he had two, so I snapped the other one up hoping to get at least one working from the pair. They are both dirty but look to be in reasonable condition. I'm quite excited as it's been almost 30 years since I last used one of these.

    I'll start off by cleaning them and ensuring socketed chips are correctly seated and any fuses are working and the correct value. I'll also place a 100 watt incandescent lamp in series with the machines when first powered up. Other than that, I'll be looking around here and other sites (I've read Tezza's blog!) for hints and tips and sources for operating systems and other software.

    If it's of any interest to other TRS-80 collectors, the outer cases both show catalog number 26-1066 and the serial numbers are 0001432 and 0004509.

    Pictures to follow soon.

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