I actually went ahead and obtained the last one. I figured that it would be wise to get a known working one; that way if I end up fixing the bad one I can have two or sell the other one. If I can't fix it I will at least have one for spare parts, save whatever is malfunctioning. Plus it would be a very interesting learning experience to compare the two and/or try to reverse engineer the bad one.

As for reseating the eproms, how do you recommend that I go about that? I have a chip puller I got from Radio Shack, but it does not go under the whole chip. Since the chips are ceramic I am afraid of damaging them and the board because they fit snugly in the sockets.

Unfortunately I do not have a chip burner. That is probably something I should get one day. Knock on wood, bit rot has not seemed to affect any of my other computers.

This might be of help in diagnosing the problem. I noticed that there was around 10v DC on some of the serial lines. I know that is in the range of the RS-232 specification, but wouldn't the voltage be absent if the board is not communicating with a terminal?