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Thread: Mindset Computer Corp collection for sale

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    Default Mindset Computer Corp collection for sale

    Hi all,

    Been having some health issues as of late and bills are pouring in faster than money is coming in so I have to make a tough decision and sell my Mindset Computer Corporation Collection.

    I am only selling as a whole as I don't want this collection broken up. I'm gauging interest, please email at: curt(at)atarimuseum(dot)com

    Many have seen quite a lot of my collection as it was on display at a recent VCF East show and one an award.

    I have over a 1/2 dozen CPU units, expansion modules, plug in peripheral modules, keyboards, joysticks, mice, tons of software, applications, and games, many are in original boxes and are original disks, I have a huge developers manual, marketing materials, units in boxes, a keyboard in a box, peripheral accessories in boxes (many in never opened/sealed boxes), I have one of the only Mindset software carrying case bags, and much more. Need to put together a more detailed inventory, but it is extensive.

    Here are some photo's of a good bit of the collection (monitors are not included):

    Will also included domain: with sale...


    email me direct - curt(AT)atarimuseum(DOT)com if you're interested in purchasing the whole collection.
    Curt Vendel
    Atari Historian
    The Atari Museum

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    Update and lower price from Curt. He's now offering the collection and site for $4000.
    Looking to acquire: IBM 5100, Altair 8800

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    What's the historical significance of this lot? I had never heard of Mindset before and the 'History' section of the site isn't filled out.

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    I have to say that I am interested in the instant Mindset collection. I really have no way to evaluate it's value. There certainly is alot of equipment here that would keep me occupied for quite a while...and I am in New York. Mindset was a very interesting company. I know there is a thread on here about best computer cases, and the Mindset would get an honorable mention. I have only seen one once, however, the Museum of Art here in NY thinks so as well.

    Perhaps we could talk about it? Where in New York are you located?

    for the "Mindset computer WIKI" and you will see it's connection to Atari. Really nice and rare computers with a good story in it's history.
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