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Thread: Bi-Tran Six

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    I studied Avionics when I was in the Navy. One of the schools I went to used a ComTran 10. I was shocked to see something so primitive being used to teach computer logic and progamming.

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    Page 9 shows photos and a description of Fabri-Tek

    BI-TRAN SIX Computer Education System
    Fabri-Tek has recently introduced to the educational market
    the BI-TRAN SIX Computer Education System.
    The central unit of this system is a modern,
    inexpensive, general-purpose computer which is designed exclusively for teaching purposes.
    The BI-TRAN SIX system is used to teach the fundamentals of computer science at any grade level
    from secondary schools through college, and can be used in vocational and military schools as well.
    Complete course material for every grade level is available.
    Peripheral equipment, also designed specifically to teach, makes the BITRAN SIX system a complete instructional laboratory.


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