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Thread: XT High density floppy code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by modem7 View Post
    Of course, if the 'corruption' includes the first two bytes, the ROM does not get identified as a BIOS expansion ROM, and therefore not checked/reported.
    Ah, okay, that figures. Curious that most clones don't do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    In this example, you remove the existing floppy controller and replace it with the high-density one, then alter the C:\CONFIG.SYS to add the driver. But: Does the card work with low-density drives without the driver? I ask because I can envision a chicken-and-egg problem: If the hard drive develops a problem, you can't boot from floppy to fix it because the floppy won't work without the driver on the hard drive...
    Yes it will. It will also work with low-density disks in high-density drives.

    You can also boot from a DR-DOS 7 high-density boot disk, even with no BIOS support. This will then allow you to access any other HD floppy disk.


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