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Thread: ATrend computers

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    Default ATrend computers

    As i have told a (very) few people my previous employer has passed away last september.
    He worked for ATC back in the late 90's, as a PCB designer.
    The rose design on the motherboard boxes was made by his wife.
    And due to that I inherented some of his equipment Including some interesting PCI and ISA cards.

    So this is what I have recieved.
    1* ATC-2315
    7* ATC-2325A
    1* ATC-2165A

    1* ATC-5020+

    1* ISA Prototype extension board with fuses.(Used for testing prototypes and measuring the bus signals)
    1* Labway A151-830 ISA OPL3 card. (Indentified using FCC ID)
    1* Ensoniq I believe ISA OPL3 card

    I am not willing to part with any of the items listed here.
    I am just wondering what class retro computer should be build with these components.(Yes they are al working i tested them last night)

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    I am just wondering what class retro computer should be build with these components.
    I'm not really sure I understand what you're asking here. The history of the parts is interesting, but as for the components themselves, there's nothing particularly unusual amongst them, aside from the ISA testing card. You have a decent enough Socket 7 motherboard, some decent enough PCI video cards, and some decent enough sound cards... there's only so many different things that can be done with that particular assortment of hardware, so the path seems pretty clear to me. Take the motherboard, one of the sound cards, and whichever of the video cards you feel like using, add in a Socket 7 CPU of your choice (Pentium MMX, K6-2, whatever), some RAM and drives, shove it all in a case, and you've got yourself a decent enough Pentium-class system for... whatever you'd be inclined to use a Pentium-class system for.


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