The Macintosh SE/30 was released in January of 1989 as a followup to the Macintosh SE line. The SE/30 shares similar hardware to the full sized Macintosh IIx, and following that naming convention (adding the "x" to denote the 68030 CPU) should have been named the SEx, however Apple had the common sense to come up with a different name.

The stock specs of the machine are:
  • 16Mhz 68030 CPU
  • 1MB Ram base, addresses up to 8MB with stock "dirty" ROMs, can address 128MB with 32bit ROMs or MODE32 extension.
  • 40 or 80MB Hard Drive
  • 1.44MB Superdrive
  • 9" 1-Bit mono CRT 512x384 (Micron Xceed video card can drive the internal screen at 256 shades of gray)
  • PDS expansion slot

The SE/30 as one of the first apples to use surface mount components, is very prone to capacitor failure. The stock surface mount capacitors fail, and leak electrolyte fluid onto the logic board potentially causing irreparable damage to the logic board. If you acquire a SE/30 that has not been repaired yet, it would be a very good idea to clean up the leaked electrolyte fluids and remove the lithium battery to prevent the fluids from eating away traces on the logic board, alcohol works well for this.