The IIc Plus was the sixth and final computer in the Apple II family (not counting the Apple //e card for the Macintosh LC), it was released in September 1988. It is the same basic form factor as the previous Apple //c model, with several improvements.

System Specs:
  • 4Mhz 65c02 CPU (based on the ZIP Chip upgrade licensed from ZIP technologies, 4x faster than stock //c)
  • 128K RAM (upgradable to 1.125MB)
  • 3.5" 800K Floppy (major upgrade from previous 140k 5.25" in //c, however limited software released for II line on 3.5")
  • Internalized power supply (no more "brick-on-a-leash")
  • Connection for internal modem (never officially used)
  • External Modem and Printer ports are now the same mini-din used on the IIgs and Macintosh computers

Many critics downplayed this model as they were hoping for an upgrade to, or portable version of the IIgs instead, also while a great technical leap forward in data storage, the 3.5" drive limited the use of software from previous Apple II models, unless you purchased the $329 5.25" external drive.