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Thread: Bell and Howell Apple II

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    Default Bell and Howell Apple II

    Years ago at a thrift store I picked up a Bell and Howell Apple II (the dark grey one) at a thrift store (I think I paid around $5 for it). No floppy drives, just the machine itself. I think all of the cards except for the motherboard are missing. My question is, were the internals of these machines unique in any way, or am I committing a crime by simply swapping in normal Apple IIe parts and calling it a day?

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    It's just a rebadged Apple II system.
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    No crime is being committed. The motherboard of the Bell & Howell is an ordinary Apple II plus and no special cards would have been included. There was a "backpack" that was installed on some Bell & Howells which offered some cool a/v features. Also, there was an external connector for a joystick which was nice although it uses a connection I'm unfamiliar with.
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    Thanks for the info. I had heard about the A/V add-on but not the joystick port. Sadly, mine does not appear to have either. I guess I'll start swapping in some parts and get this baby up and running.

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    I just got one myself, but missing the "K" key.

    If you're interested in selling for parts (or just selling the keyboard) please let me know.

    Yeah, they are fairly standard Apple ][ systems inside. Mine does have the joystick port and the AV stuff as well as the big carry handle on the back.

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    I'll be taking some Bell and Howell parts to KansasFest to sell and trade off, in case anyone is interested.


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