For Sale: Rare USSR computer Vector 06c mod.02 complete in box.

Price - 200 dollars

Locate - in Ukraine. Shipping - to worldwide (for example, in USA airmail - 50 dollars).

CPU: KR580VM80A (8080 clone), factory overclocked to 3 MHz (standard frequency was 2.5MHz);
Busses:8-bit data bus, 16-bit address bus;
Memory: 64 KiB RAM, up to 32 KiB can be used as video memory; 2048 bytes of ROM (512 bytes in earlier models);

Video system supports following modes:
256256 pixels, 16 simultaneously displayed colours out of 256-colour palette
512256 pixels, 4 simultaneously displayed colours out of 256-colour palette
256256 or 512256 monochrome (memory saving mode)

3-channel sound system based around KR580VI53, Soviet clone of Intel 8253 timer.

Homemade external ROM cartridge
A generic household tape recorder was used for persistent data storage.

Around 300-400 programs can run on it.
With optional floppy disk extension, CP/M version 2.2 was adopted. This allowed a broad range of CP/M software to be used on Vector.
It was also possible to run some Radio-86RK, Microsha, Specialist software items.

You can find more information about Vector-06C (documentations, schemes and programs) in internet.

Items included:
Only that you see on a photos