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Thread: WTB: Cache card for the "ICL ErgoPRO C4/66d V"

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    Default WTB: Cache card for the "ICL ErgoPRO C4/66d V"

    As the title says. To clarify it's the card that goes in connector CN9 on this motherboard.


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    Looks like a "485TurboCache Module"

    There is one on ebay, but looks incomplete. The socket is likely for an Intel 82485 cache controller which the seller has on a separate listing.

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    Thanks for the suggestion but that's not it. Looking at the photo on the first ebay link I see 3 pins in the corner at the bottom of the image. The motherboard connector only has 2 rows of pins (well, 4 rows if you count both sides). Besides, the connector on the motherboard is just pins (male) and so is that module.

    An image of the motherboard:

    CN9 is the brownish connectors on each side of the OPTi chipset.

    The cache card is probably some ICL proprietary design so I don't have much hope of finding one as the computer seems to be quite rare (there's very little info about it on the web, at least that I can find) which is too bad because it's a really nice small form factor 486DX2/66. I currently have it set up with 32 MB RAM, a 3com 3509B COMBO NIC, a SB AWE 64 Value (CT4520) and a CF adapter with two 8 GB Transcend 133x CF cards. It's extremely quiet.

    OK, I'll stop bragging now, just one last picture:


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