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Thread: AS/400s owners: DB15 to Dual TwinAx adapter available

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    Default AS/400s owners: DB15 to Dual TwinAx adapter available

    This is a little too specialized to post in the "For Sale or Trade" section ...


    One of the TwinAx connectors is not perfect - it is missing the semi-fixed guide pin that locks the male part of the plug in place. I don't think it is required though; it is keyed and the outside is still threaded.

    This was in a junk box, a reminder of my days as an AS/400 OS developer. Buy me a beer and pay shipping and it's yours. ("Friends and family" get first dibs.) Shipping will be from 55902 (USA).

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    Hello - I've recently acquired an AS/400 system for hobbyist purposes, I'm interested to know whether this item is still available or not?
    If it is, I'd be more than happy to contribute the said beer
    Thanks! - Evan

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    What AS/400 do you have and how are you getting on with it?


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