I had an email from Jeffery Stein (jeffery@ithistory.org) about the IT History Society,
We want to introduce you to The IT History Society http://www.ithistory.org. We, as an organization like yours, are dedicated to the preservation of the history of the information industry. The IT History Society unlike your organization is not a collector of archives or a museum of the information industry. The IT History Society is a reference or 'table of contents' of where the history of information technology is located.

There are 100s of sites around the world that are in some way have collections but there is no one place to show neither where the collections are located nor their contents.

Some of the reference databases that the IT History Society maintains on our website are-

A listing of international museums and archives - http://ithistory.org/museums/museums.php

IT Historical Resource Sites (over 1,600) - http://ithistory.org/resource_sites/resource-sites.php

IT Companies database - http://ithistory.org/companies/companies-name.php

IT Hardware Database - http://ithistory.org/hardware/hardware-name.php

IT Honor Roll - http://ithistory.org/honor_roll/honor-roll.php

Technology Quotation Database - http://ithistory.org/quotes/quotes.php

Soon to be coming

o Software database

o Stories database

Some of our members are -


Smithsonian Institution

Computer History Museum

Charles Babbage Institute

Hans Nixdorf Museum

Deutsches Museum


British Libraries

Internet Archive

Stanford Silicon Valley Archives




And many others

Membership is free for all types of members. We encourage you to join as an institutional member. Joining will further advance the preservation of the history of information industry.
Any idea why this is a good idea? Looks slightly spam flavoured to me, especially where a load of organisations have been named as members probably without their agreement.