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Thread: Zip Drive w/ Sharp PC7200

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    Default Zip Drive w/ Sharp PC7200

    I Have a nice Sharp PC 7200, an MS DOS and IBM(?) compatable portable. It does not have a functioning hdd, however, and the one inside is an odd format. I cant remember exactly, what, it being a while ago.

    I want to stop booting from a flaky 5.25" drive, of which I only have one copy of a boot disk,(I think its 4.x) and I want to copy disks. I cant use a ramdrive because it has no extended memory.

    Can I use a zip drive with the parallel port without any drivers?

    BTW, Im leaving for a holiday in cornwall in the next half hour so I expect an answer when I return!

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    The short answer is no.

    No BIOS on any PC knows how to boot from a parallel port device. The PC parallel port provides IO ports but not ROM addressability, so there is no way to extend the built-in BIOS to tell it how to talk to the parallel port device.

    To do this you need to get a ROM extension on the system somehow. You could make your own BIOS, you could add a card that lets you add a ROM BIOS extension to the machine, or if you are lucky enough to be on a PCjr you can make your own cartridge.

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    Ah well, it was worth asking.
    Is there nothing I can do except replace the internal hdd? I thing there is an RS-xxxx something or other too


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