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Thread: Trace command and printer output

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    Default Trace command and printer output

    Hi, I have an Apple IIe with Imagewriter II printer. When I change output to printer (PR#1) and try to run a program with the trace command on, instead of doing a carriage return when printing multiple lines of line numbers it just prints over the same line. Anyone know how to fix this?

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    To me it appears that the Trace command only issues a carriage return (CR) and not a line feed (LF). A CR/LF combination would start the printing on a new line.
    I don't know how to make the Trace command issue a CR/LF pair but it can be done by changing DIP switch settings on the interface car or in the printer itself. Here is an excerpt from the Imagewriter II manual:

    "If the whole document printed on one line, it means that no line-feed character was sent to advance the paper. Any of three entities can issue line feeds: the printer, the software, and the interface card (if you have one). If you want single-spaced documents as your standard, you must set one and only one of
    these entities to add a line feed after a carriage return.
    The ImageWriter II’s factory DIP switch setting suppresses the adding of a line feed after a carriage return. Switch SW1-8 should be set to Open. If your system uses an interface card, set the interface card to add the line feeds. If your system does not print through an interface card (Macintosh Plus, Macintosh, or
    Apple IIc), or if you don’t want to reset the card, set your software to send the line feed. Some software cannot do this, in which case you will have to reset switch SW1-8 to the Closed position to send a line feed after a carriage return."

    I hope this helps,


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    I'm getting a line feed after every carriage return but it's almost as if the lines with the line numbers on them are not issuing carriage returns. If that makes sense. My super serial card and printer are both set correctly according to the manual. All printer output is fine except for the traced line numbers. Maybe this is just a limitation of Applesoft Basic?

    Tried running it in ProDos also with the same results.
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    OK. Thanks for the explanation. I'm out of ideas. It's been about 20 years since I had done any real programming on my Apple II+. I still play the occasional game but that's about it. Sorry I couldn't help more.

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    No problem. Thank you for your replies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by appleIImidi View Post
    ...with the trace command on, instead of doing a carriage return when printing multiple lines of line numbers it just prints over the same line...
    Just wondering, does your output look kind of like this? appleIITrace.jpg

    On both my physical //c and AppleWin the TRACE command displays multiple numbers on each line...


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