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Thread: Prototype LSI-11/2 System on the market

  1. Default Prototype LSI-11/2 System on the market

    For those interested:

    There is a Prototype LSI-11/2 System (circa 1981) that has come on the market by its owner (an ex-DEC employee in the Boston area). It appears to be complete with VT-100 Terminal, RX-02 Drive Cabinet, RT-11 and all original documentations and shipping boxes. Number of 8" floppies but stated to be in poor condition.

    On e-Bay (where else?), Item #330013104594.

    I fear that this item will fetch a pricely sum due to its nature/real rarity

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    I saw the winning bid was at $290 - that seems like a real steal for that kind of system. I'd live one of those...
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