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Thread: WFW to Win2000 Question

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    Default WFW to Win2000 Question

    Hi everyone.

    I'm new here, but have a question on something I'm trying to do. I have an old, old, old laptop with Windows for Workgroups on it, along with some files that I want to transfer to a Windows 2000 PC. The issue is that the files are too large for a floppy disk, and I am unsure of how to 'connect' the two PC's together to complete a data transfer. I do see a serial port on the back of the laptop, if that helps.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance,

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    For me the simples solution always was to use Norton Commander and a serial cable (cross).

    You could also try to remove the HD from the laptop (which I presume is 2,5", unless its REALLY old), and attach it to the desktop IDE port with a converting connector (for instance:

    Or, if possible, can you add a network card to a PCMCIA slot (or does the laptop have one?)

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    If you look at newegg or tiger direct you can buy a 2.5" Laptop HDD to USB case for about $30. Pop the drive out of the laptop, stuff it in the case and plug the USB cable into the new machine. Windows 2000 recognizes it as removable storage and you can click drag and drop just like any other drive.

    On another note, I think this thread is slightly off-topic and might need to be moved...

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    Does the file get small enough if you zip it? What about "split" or a similar utility?

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    I'm not really inclined to move the thread, as I don't know where it really belongs. The subject is about migrating data from older to newer machines, which can be both a hardware and software discussion. Or off topic if the original poster has no interest in old machines.

    Anyway, I think that things like Zip drives are perfect for this. Older parallel port Zip drives come with DOS and Windows 3.1 drivers, and can do this job easily. Other possibilities:

    - Add a hard disk via the parallel port (IDE or SCSI are possible).
    - Add an Ethernet card, or a parallel port to Ethernet adapter.
    - Serial port
    - Laplink via the parallel port.
    - Etc.


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    I've already moved it from 'Hardware' to 'PC, etc'. I gotta admit, I too waz kinda puzzled as to where it 'belongz', but fairly certain that it wazn't a 'Hardware' question...

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    Default Thanks for the help

    Yeah, sorry about not knowing where to post this message. I appreciate everyone's help. I have become swamped with work that has put my attempt to finish the data transfer off until next week. I will let everyone know which way worked.

    Thanks again!

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    Do you like the little old laptop? You could always upgrade it a little, even with wfw3.11 on it with a few pieces of hardware. Make it a games machine after you get the inportant stuff off it.

    Parallel port zips are great, and crossover cables are fun, too. FastPCLinker is a small program that'll let you use the parallel port on both machines with a null modem for the ppt, they advertise "connect ANY two windows computers." I used it on wfw and win98, and the files went over no problem.

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    If you look at newegg or tiger direct you can buy a 2.5" Laptop HDD to USB case for about $30.
    Are you kidding me? I bought 4 adapters like this one for less that $2 a piece
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