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Thread: Wizardry on Extended IIe w/ 80 Column Card

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    I'd like to see the mod, or a brief description of what lines you're playing with. I wonder if there isn't some softswitch that can be set. A project to investigate this spring, if it ever gets here!

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    Ok, I've added it to my to-do list to take some pictures and describe what I did. Gotta get ready for work now, though.

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    With my old //e and a Chat Mauve card, I had a poke which disabled the 80 columns mode (or most likely disabled the recognition of the card): I stopped the boot, did this poke and then did a pr#6 to boot Wizardry. It allowed to have the usual 40 columns display.
    I'll try to find it and post it on the forum if I do...

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    I'm interested in seeing the poke details. I'm still an Apple II noob. Since I'm a hardware-centric guy, my approach was hardware based.

    On the Extended 80-Column Text Card, I cut the trace between pin 26 of the card edge connector and pin 19 of IC UB5. That is the EN80* signal, connected to the OE pin of a 74LS245.

    Next, I added a 10k ohm resistor between pins 19 and 20 of UB5 to weakly pull up the OE signal to +5V, so that it will remain high when not driven.

    Finally, I added a toggle switch across the cut trace. I installed the toggle switch in a rear panel hole cover, and included a connector in its wiring so I can disconnect it from the board.

    For normal operation, I leave the switch closed. When I want to play Wizardry (or possibly any other older program that accidentally trips the soft switch driving the EN80* signal), I open the switch.

    IMG_2906.jpg IMG_2907.jpg IMG_2910.jpg IMG_2913.jpg

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    Hi. I played Wiz 1-3 extensively in the eighties.

    The answer to the original question is that Wizardry 1&2 populate onscreen in that double spaced format. That is the correct appearance for those original games.

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    Hi, I'm a little late to the party, but I just wanted to post that I've fixed the bug in Wizardry I where it would incorrectly switch to 80-columns on an Apple //e. You can see my video description here:

    And you can download the disk image here:

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    I was over 30 years late to this party; you're only 3 years later!

    Great work, Chris! And thanks for reviving my old thread here, too.

    Incidentally, I've only played Wizardry on green screens, so it just looks weird to me on a color screen. My friend's II+ had a green screen back when I was a kid, as did the IIe systems in the computer lab in high school. I've been focusing on green screens in my modern collection, since that's what Apple II systems look like in my memory.


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