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Thread: Macintosh Classic Error Message

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    Question Macintosh Classic Error Message

    I have been using this computer for a good twenty years now. over the decades, i had to replace the analog power board and upgraded the hard drive. about a week ago, it broke. first the floppy disk drive went out, i used the computer with it unplugged, but when i wanted to put some new software on my computer, i decided to take it out and look it over, keep in mind i had to remove about three other things to reach it. i found a busted gear with about two teeth left and with my new knowledge, i put everything back in the computer where it goes. now nothing works. when i boot it up, i get the flashing ? on the floppy disk and if i press reset i get an error message that says 0000000F 0000000D now i cant get to my hard drive, and i can't re-install the boot disk because the disk readers busted. i had about 100 megs of data on that hard drive, and its on a sentimental computer. I can still boot from the rom, but hat only gets me onto the computer desktop it doesn't show the hard drive icon. i rebuilt this computer a hundred times, so i know everything is where it belongs, Replacing the computer is out of the question, and i hope my brand new hard drive isn't busted, please help!

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    Here's where a really cool feature exclusive to the classic comes in.

    When you turn the system on, press COMMAND OPTION X O on the keyboard and it will boot system 6.0.2 off the ROM. Unless your drive is not connected properly, using a disk format besides that used by HD SC Setup or Drive Setup or it's dead it should mount.
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    Try opening up the system and check ALL of your connections. Maybe its not your hard drive it could be your motherboard isn't connected properly. The floppy drive isn't fixable(I know how you feel, my mac plus' floppy drive is broke) but I'm sure you can buy one off ebay or buy another classic to keep for parts. hope I helped

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    also, did you plug the floppy drive back in? if your floppy drive is broke it probably confused the computer when you reconnected it. try unplugging the floppy drive (if you did reconnect it).

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