Just a gentle reminder for the old timers and something the newbies should know:

  • The 30 second rule: If it took you less than 30 seconds to compose a post, it was probably not worth posting. Nobody wants to crawl through a lot of noisy posts to get to the good ones. Help us try to keep the signal to noise ratio high by being accurate and concise with your posts and generally posting something that lots of other people will want to read.
  • Google (or any search engine) is your friend. Before asking something spend some time doing some research. That includes using the search feature of the board; chances are good that somebody else has already had and solved your problem.
  • Try to make an honest effort to post in the correct area of the forum. Do not make duplicate threads to get more exposure.
  • Do not "bump" to resurrect your thread. If it died due to lack of interest the first time then let it be. If you have something relevant to add that is fine but "bumping" is not acceptable.
  • Do not re-awaken ancient threads. Creating a new thread is cheap. The same goes for off topic posts in a thread - new threads are easy to create so there is no need to hijack a thread.
  • Private messages: If something is not of general interest to the rest of the group then send a private message. The forum software will tell the other person that they have a new message so there is no need to make a public post that says "PM Sent!". Those will just be deleted on sight.
  • Copyright: What you do in private is your business. But in public here we ask you to respect copyright laws whether you agree with them or not. This is a very public forum, it is indexed by the major search engines, and we don't want to be the target of any stupid lawyer tricks for something that is illegal or in a grey area. Do it somewhere else.
  • The definition of "vintage" gets discussed here a lot; use the forum areas as your guide. Any 8 bit or 16 bit machine is probably vintage. Early 32 bit machines such as 80386, 80486 or 680x0 based machines are probably considered vintage too but later 32 bit machines are probably not. There is a forum area for Pentium 1 based machines because there are so many of them but they are not terribly vintage. If you want to talk about or trade something newer there are "off topic" areas for that.
  • There is a "Rants" section. Keep politics, race, etc out of it. We allowed politics here many years ago and it did not work out.
  • Lastly, be civil. This is a hobby and people come here on their free time. Do not make them feel unwelcome. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Your moderators