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Thread: DOS MUD Clients

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    I've recently gotten back into mudding (if you don't know, MUDs are essentially text-based role playing games) and thought it would be interesting to play some MUDs using my FreeDOS virtual machine. So far, I've got one DOS mud client up and running: Anton Olsen's MudRunner. It's an interesting, if idiosyncratic little program, and I've had fun playing around with it despite its limitations/bugs. Since it doesn't have a built-in world list, I'm thinking about implementing one myself using batch files! Still, I'm interested in finding out about other options. Are there any other DOS MUD clients worth checking out? Also, does anyone else use MudRunner? I'm curious to know if a later, hopefully more polished version was ever released after 0.7. I downloaded MudRunner 0.7 from in case anyone else is wanting to check it out.

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    WinTin++ is a pretty solid DOS MUD Client, and has some pretty advanced features.


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