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Thread: KAYPRO and KayFreHD as a hard disk module

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    Switching to a Kaypro 10 ROM worked and I have two 5MB partitions. I want to try with the TurboROM.

    One thing I noticed is when restoring from the Kaypro 10 disks I had several errors on disk 8 due to missing files. I'm using the images. Is that normal?

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    I sent an email to Frank to get his ZIP archive but haven't heard back and he's not been on the forums since January. Does anyone have a copy they can send me?

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    I've got this Directory listing of Disk #8 in the ZIP file I have. Does yours match this? Or do you have a list of the missing files?

    cpmls -f kay2 -D K10HALD8.RAW
    User 9:

    Name Bytes Recs Attr update create
    ------------ ------ ------ ---- ----------------- -----------------
    TEACH6U .CMD 2K 12
    TEACH7 .CMD 8K 60
    TEACH7P .CMD 6K 44
    TEACH8 .CMD 8K 56
    TEACH8F .CMD 6K 40
    TEACH8R .CMD 2K 16
    TEACH9 .CMD 8K 60
    TEACHC .CMD 2K 12
    TEACHI .CMD 8K 64
    TUTMEM .MEM 2K 8
    TUTNABK .DBF 2K 12

    User 10:

    Name Bytes Recs Attr update create
    ------------ ------ ------ ---- ----------------- -----------------
    CB-BANK .DBF 2K 8
    CB-BOOK .MEM 2K 4
    CB-CANCL.CMD 4K 20
    CB-CHECK.CMD 8K 54
    CB-CLEAR.CMD 4K 19
    CB-DATE .CMD 2K 14
    CB-DEPST.CMD 10K 77
    CB-HELP .CMD 4K 24
    CB-MAIN .CMD 4K 25
    CB-MASK .CMD 2K 10
    CB-NBWD .CMD 6K 39
    CB-RECON.CMD 8K 58
    CB-REPRT.CMD 12K 89
    DBASEMSG.TXT 50K 392
    DGEN .CMD 4K 18
    DGEN .OVL 8K 52
    DSORT .COM 12K 93
    FILEGEN .CMD 20K 157
    FORMGEN .CMD 10K 79
    IN-ADD .CMD 4K 19
    IN-CHNG .CMD 2K 13
    IN-DATE .CMD 2K 8
    IN-DTAIL.CMD 2K 11
    IN-HELP .CMD 4K 18
    IN-INIT .CMD 2K 5
    IN-MAIN .CMD 4K 18
    IN-MAIN .DBF 2K 8
    IN-PDESC.NDX 2K 16
    IN-PNUM .NDX 2K 8
    IN-RPT .CMD 2K 8
    IN-RPT1 .FRM 2K 2
    IN-RPT2 .FRM 2K 4
    IN-UPDTE.CMD 4K 28
    IN-VIEW .CMD 4K 27
    IN-VWED .CMD 2K 13
    INSTALL .COM 14K 112
    LB-PRINT.CMD 4K 28
    MENUGEN .CMD 6K 38
    REV-OFF .CMD 2K 4
    REV-ON .CMD 2K 4
    ZIPIN .COM 30K 235
    ZSCRN .OVL 20K 159

    User 15:

    Name Bytes Recs Attr update create
    ------------ ------ ------ ---- ----------------- -----------------
    RELOAD .8 2K 1
    63 Files occupying 366K, 32K Free.

    Floppy 8 SUB file:
    ^|Place reload diskette #8 in floppy drive.
    ^|When you are ready, press the RETURN key. ^G^?
    ^| -------------------------------------------------^|^>
    ;;Reset the system
    ;;Switch to user group 15
    USER 15
    ;;Check to see that reload diskette #8 is in floppy drive
    ;;Switch to user group 9
    USER 9
    ;;Copy user group 9 files from reload diskette #8
    B:PIP B:=A:*.*[ov]
    ;;Switch to user group 10
    USER 10
    ;;Copy user group 10 files from reload diskette #8
    B:PIP B:=A:*.*[ov]
    ;;Patch wordstar sequence
    USER 4
    SAVE 80 B:WS.COM
    ;;finished wordstar patch, now move to user different user groups
    USER 5
    ;;now move dbase system to user 10
    USER 10
    ;;Now cleanup the hard drive of reload programs
    USER 15


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    Okay, looking at that the files that it's failing to copy aren't from disk 8 but rather from other user areas on B which is the first hard drive partition. I'll need to look there to see why it's failing.

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    OK, I thought it might be the Updated files for WS that aren't on the 8 Images that I can find. I've also looked on the Maslin Archive for those
    files, and so far I've not found them. So, if you figure out where they are and what Version WS is being updated to, let me know.



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    Default Single intermediate board K-10 to WD1002

    Hey Sharkonwheels,
    I recently documented the schematic of my 81-212 which was modified to 81-212A.

    The way the reset line ended up is J9-45 on the Kaypro connects to 74ls00 input pins 9 and 10 and also is pulled up with a 1K resistor to VCC. The output goes to the WD1002 pin39 (MR*).

    To revert the assembly to the 81-212 condition, a 3 pin jumper on the output pin 3 could allow for an either or jumper setup.

    For 81-212 a trace from input pins moves parallel to the output pin. The output is cut and 2 pins on either side of the cut allow the input pins to connect directly to the WD1002, pin39.

    For the 81-212A, remove the jumper and reinsert to the original connection from pin 3 to pin 39 of the WD1002, pin 39.

    A single board easily reconfigured.

    If added to the schematic I generated (and will attach here if possible) a board layout can make those adapters easier to obtain.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkonwheels View Post
    Found the explanation of the small circuit board in early and later Kaypros (TurboROM v3.4 Manual, appendix H, page H-4):

    H.3. Early Kaypro 10 Upgrade 81-303, Explanation

    The two versions of the small circuit board differ primarily in
    how they generate the master reset signal for the hard disk
    controller board. The early version connected the second floppy
    disk drive select signal directly to the hard disk controller
    master reset. The later version of the small circuit board uses
    the inverted second floppy disk drive select line for connection
    to the hard disk controller master reset.

    The modification to the early version of the small circuit board
    detailed in this appendix inserts an inverter into the master
    reset logic for the hard disk controller. The addition of the
    inverter makes the early board functionally equivalent to the
    later version.

    Note: The original Kaypro utilities PUTSYS.COM, PUTOVL.COM
    and FMT305.COM, which were provided with the computer
    should not be used after these modifications. If you
    are inserting the Kaypro 81-302 ROM, replace these system
    utilities with versions from a later model Kaypro 10. If
    you are inserting the TurboROM, the utilities
    TURBOGEN.COM and K10FMT.COM, provided on the TurboROM
    Support Software Diskette, should be used.

    The actual modification of the early board (TurboROM v3.4 Manual, Appendix H, page H-3):

    5. Modify the Small Circuit Board

    Make the following changes to the small circuit board.
    Keep the wiring short and as neat as possible. The set
    of 50 pins will be referred to as J1; the set of 40 pins will
    be referred to as J2. On the solder side of the circuit
    board, a square solder pad identifies pin 1 of each set of
    pins. All pins in the row with pin 1 are the odd numbered
    pins, all pins in the other row are even numbered pins. Refer
    to Appendix E for basic information concerning the pin
    numbering of IC's. Wires should be installed on the solder
    side of the circuit board.

    1. Cut the trace that runs from J1 pin 45 to J2 pin 39.
    2. Cut the trace that runs from U1 pin 7 to U1 pin 2.
    3. Add a wire from U1 pin 1 to J1 pin 45.
    4. Add a wire from U1 pin 3 to J2 pin 39.
    5. Add a wire from U1 pin 2 to U1 pin 14.

    Ref: Plu-Perfect Systems Advent TurboROM V3.4 Manual (text version: )

    From what a few of us here gathered, it looks like the KayPlus is looking for the early mid-board, and not the later one. It never releases the reset on the WD1002.

    Also, historically speaking, the way we've adapted the 27(c)64 EPROMs to work in the K10/83 with 24-pin socket, was to tie pins 26,27,28,and 1 together, and then jumper from P2 on the 2764 to p2 on the Z80.
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    Oops, I got my pins confused on the 74ls00 in the previous post...inputs on pins 9 and 10, output on pin 8....

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    Sorry, Trying again to get this across correctly.
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    After months of delays, I finally welded and tested the cards needed to run the FreHD on several Kaypro, I test first on a Kaypro 4/84.

    Now for two days I try to format three FreHD on a Kaypro 4 (I guess it's a model 4)

    I tried with both eprom : TROM34.ROM and KPLUS84.ROM

    KayPlus not speak with the FreHD...

    On the SD card that I formatted in FAT32, I put a disk image "hard4-0" that I had with the CDROM when I bought the PCB.
    It is normally 15MB ... but I do not understand how it could be compatible with both the TRS80 and the Kaypro ...

    Sometimes I managed to recognize the disk and it is possible to format, even if I have a doubt what it does, the LEDs never flash during formatting.

    On the other hand, they flash during the surface test, I filmed if you want images.

    but in the end in any case, it does not work

    I can not access the disc while exiting the formatting software.

    I detail my tests:

    With the KayPLUS ROM and the software suite of 1986, I have curiosities ...
    If I run HDCNFG.COM no problem, it goes well.
    I create a 5MB disk that I name FREHD
    to see the photo :

    I followed the discussions here, but there are things that escape me ...

    Reading the doc of the FreHD that I had on the CDROM when I bought the PCBs, I saw that it needed disk images?
    The problem is that the images provided on the CDROM are for TRS80, in doubt I tried but nothing, it does not work

    Also saw that you write about VHDUTL or the kaypro version KHDUTL, is it useful to configure the FreHD on Kaypro? And if there is not someone who already has the .com file, just to avoid having to find a PC, install a cross-assembler just to make an executable version ...

    I do not even know if the FreHD works well ... As I understand it, with VHDUTL I could check that the card answers correctly.

    At this point, there I start to tell me that I bought three cards and converter cards for nothing and it kills me ...

    So I'm asking for help, I think my main problem is that I do not have a good hard disk image, which could have given me one or more specific because I have 4 FreHD I would like to install in the following Kaypro: Kaypro II, Kaypro 2X, Kaypro 4/84, Kaypro 10

    Thanks for your help,


    For me it's really not easy I have trouble with English, so write a message or I have to explain in detail what I do and what works or not it's hell


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