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Thread: Ferguson Bigboard II PFM-80 source file corruption!

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    I have a bigboard computer and documentation but as yet have not got to booting it up
    I am in the process of getting all of my old computers,software,docs and peripherals in order (there is a lot to do)
    I do not know as yet what drives I have that match the Ferguson nor do I know as yet whether it is I or II
    The board has "The Ferguson" on it but no indication as to it being a I or II
    It is housed in a metal case and appears to have a few extensions (there is a second board inside etc)
    I am not familiar with either cpm or the bigboard but that should not be a problem
    I should also have software that goes with this machine as well as hardware
    If anyone knows what drives are compatible it would certainly help
    any other info including pics would also be appreciated thanks

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    The big board computers likely used 5.25" and/or 8" floppy's in either Single Density or Double Density and Single Sided or Double Sided.
    That all depends on the Floppy Disk Controller (FDC) that was used on your system. You should be able to determine the floppy size
    from the 34 Pin Floppy cable (5.25") or the 50 Pin Floppy Cable (8"), or associated connector.

    Download a couple Micro Cornucopia magazines from bitsavers PDF site and look through that Magazine for big board computer information.
    They covered the Xerox 820, Big Board, Big Board II, and the Ferguson.


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