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Thread: ICL 486 upgrade card in a 286?

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    Default ICL 486 upgrade card in a 286?

    I was wondering if something like this would work if I just stuck it in a 286 clone?
    It's for sale for a pretty good price but I'd like to know if I can even use it before I bid.
    The motherboard is very generic, has a genuine intel 286 + 80287 math coprocessor on it, 1MB of ram.
    The motherboard does have 16-bit ISA slots. I'm guessing that card is 16-bit ISA?

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    This looks more like an industrial CPU card for use with a passive backplane than an upgrade card; do you have more details? I would expect an upgrade card to have provisions for plugging in to the CPU socket (unless, of course, it just simply bus masters the ISA bus).

    I have a few industrial-type single-board-computers that are built in much the same fashion, but typically they will have IDE, floppy, serial, etc connectors on them. They are made to drive a passive backplane, and multiple processor cards driving the backplane at the same time is not supported with ISA. I even have a few SBC's made by Evergreen Systems (distinct from Evergreen Technologies) that have bus jumpers, and a strong caution to not have more than one card on the same backplane segment driving the bus at the same time.

    So caution is wise; but more info on the card wold be helpful.

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    I highly doubt you could use this to upgrade a 286. These cards were for backplane units that stored multiple cards. Server farms for businesses.

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    Looks like I misread. The posting does not mention anything about an upgrade. Just says it's a CPU card. My bad! The seller says it's a 486DX-33 and the text on it says "Symphony SL82C461 and SL82C362"

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