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Thread: 486 online

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    Parallel port Ethernet adapters:

    Yep. The Xircom PE3-10BT is my weapon of choice when you can't get a card on a machine. Comes with a DOS packet driver and it works on every piece of hardware I've tried. Does not work with Linux though because Xircom wouldn't hand out the specs for talking to it.

    I can get 17KB/sec through one on a PCjr .. more than adequate. It works better with a bi-directional or enhanced parallel port.

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    They're kind of pricey though. The ones I posted aren't the PE3-10BT, they're PE2-10BT, but would they still work? My biggest concern was power adpter, and connection type. I wouldn't want bnc, just RJ-45.

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    Look for a Xircom PE3-10BT. That's an RJ45 jack with normal Ethernet, so it will connect to your hubs or switches. They should be no more than $10 new on eBay. Used ones are dirt cheap. If you buy, be sure to get the wall-wart that goes with it. Other than that, you don't need the manual or the software - it's readily available.

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    Btw, the thread has moved to General Discussion, not General Off-topic. Getting a 486 online or discussing packet drivers and small TCP/IP implementations is on subject to me.

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    DOS Internet on a 486, I see 2 ways I've done it...............

    - The Ethernet/Packet Driver Route (High Speed), My 286 is the one that actually uses this. I have an Intel EtherExpress 16 in there, run off the packet drivers which can be had by googling them off of Intel's website the last time I checked (it should be EXP16.EXE you need). Load the packet drivers into memory address 0x60 (C:\>EXP16.EXE 0x16), and then load up the internet software, configure it for TCP/IP/LAN Internet access and you're done. I'm amazed nobody's done an in-depth article on getting vintage machines on DSL/Cable yet, as it's actually VERY easy.

    - The External Modem Route - I did this using NetTamer AND Arachne. Basically, you will need the dial-in information for the server (in my case, when I was on mfire, that was my login name with or at the end of it), your password, some local area access numbers, and put them in the right fields. You will also need an external modem. As for modem speed, I had a 56K V.90 on my IBM PS/2 Model 30 286, and aside from the hard disk choking as it's an MFM/RLL type unit, the computer ran great on-line in NetTamer. The readme for the program usually has the info needed to set it up.

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    When I get a bit of spare cash (and when one turns up, a quick search on turned up nothing) I'll try and get my hands on a Xircom PE3-10BT and use Mad-Mikes first method. Thanks all.

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    I used a 486 laptop with 4 RAM, external Dial-up modem and DOS + Arachne, 640x480 screen resolution. Three variations:

    1. Making ordinary set up for Arachne - worked quite slow even if to have images display turned off

    2. Making the set up a little bit more complicated. There was not enough of RAM to install Arachne to it, so I put only the folder for temporary files and COMMAND.COM to a small, 512 KB RAM disk - as described here: in "B. Installing and setting up Arachne web browser on hard disk - if RAM size is not sufficient for creating RAM disk of 6 MB and more." It worked much better.

    3. The same thing as in item 2, but had images display turned off. That is faster. Sort of PDA with GPRS experince.

    Would there be some 10-12 MB RAM on this laptop, it would be possible to install all Arachne on a RAM disk and run it from there ( See here: in "A. Installing Arachne web browser on a disk created in RAM ". And that would be a difference.
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    Is this a new bump record? 5 years, 3 months?

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    I run Arachne on a P1-133 and have lots of RAM. Perhaps a 486 is that much slower, but I just copied the Arachne directory to a RAM disk and the speed is the same for me. I don't think file access is the bottleneck.

    By the way, this thread is so old that some of participants might even have passed away.
    WANTED: Cardinal 2450MNP modem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Compgeke View Post
    Is this a new bump record? 5 years, 3 months?
    Not sure if it's a record, but it ought to be! Oddly I remember this thread starting not that long ago, but I guess it *has* been that long.
    The ancients knew *more* than us... They're baaaack!

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