More than what it cost brand new!

For those who don't know it, the PC-8000 series was very similar to the TRS-80 Model I hardware-wise, although it could not run TRS-80 software, and it had color graphics. Introduced in 1979, it was the first personal computer designed and made in Japan. In 1981, it came to the USA as the PC-8001A (A for American version).

Too bad this one doesn't have the Renaissance Technology "Wedge" add-on. The Wedge let you use disk drives, a printer, and modem without needing the expansion unit, and gave you 3-voice sound and four (!) Atari 2600-style joystick ports.

Also notable is the fact that the NEC PC-8023A printer uses the same C.Itoh chassis as the Apple Imagewriter I -- they use the same ribbons and sound the same when printing.