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Thread: MagiDuck, a DOS / CGA text mode game project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    I disagree somewhat because your framerate is IIRC locked at 24fps. However, as previously discussed, it does take roughly 10% of every screen refresh to read the joystick so if you're near performance boundaries, it may be best to wait.
    But what about the timer-based approach we mentioned earlier? This game will only need 'digital' joystick positions, so you don't need a lot of precision. Just polling a few times would work.
    I have pretty much perfected the timer interrupt trickery now, with auto-EOI and rewriting the counter ahead of time, so you can fire multiple times per frame, at arbitrary places, while not losing sync. All that combined should make polling the joystick from a timer interrupt simple and efficient.

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    This game is fantastic! Thanks for making this and for providing many hours of fun (and free) entertainment!

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    I've tested this game and made a Floppy Disk Image unofficially on real DOS 2.10. (No work on DOS 2.00)
    (Size : 360KB / Boot Sector and ID is from IBM DOS 2.10, not made by WinImage or MagicISO.)

    I extracted zip file to Floppy disk directly and cleared the memory butter sectors.

    This game runs on IBM PC 5150/5160 with IBM PC DOS 2.10 (with 256KB) well.

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    Hello again.

    I haven't heard about any bugs and it's been a year or so already so it might be a good time to wrap things up and release version 1.0.

    I'd like to give the game a comprehensive credits list because I got a ton of critical help and initial inspiration (and stealing, regarding the sprite blitter and PakuPaku).

    It might be rude to add anyones name without their consent, so if you were involved, please check the following list for your name and description.

    Timer routine:
    - Jason M. Knight

    Programming mentoring:
    - Trixter
    - Jason M. Knight
    - Krille
    - reengine
    - Scali

    Real hardware testing:
    - Trixter
    - Jason M. Knight
    - 3pcedev
    - JoJoReloadeD
    - Scali
    - Caluser2000
    - intel386DX
    - Great Hierophant
    - SquallStrife
    - fs5500

    Emulator testing:
    - xjas
    - amadama

    Please send me a PM with a simple word of acceptance ("OK" or something , if you're fine with your name being in the games credits, or tell me how to change your entry. I won't add anyones name without their acceptance. Send me a yelling if I forgot your name too!

    The names will appear in the following contexts:
    - In-game help menu
    - Readme.txt
    - Printed manual if such a thing ever happens

    No ones name will be used in any lame marketing attempts or anything not shown above.

    Thanks again to everyone for making this game possible!

    I'll still need to dig my development environment and files to a new computer to get the final version done, so it may take a while until it actually happens.


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