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Thread: Zobex HDCI

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    Question Zobex HDCI

    Hello everyone,

    I have this Zobex HDCI card... Does anyone have more information about this board?

    The name suggests that it is a hard disk interface card.
    I was expecting something like a SASI interface. But this card has a
    powerful +5V output at the 50 pin connector to power an external board.
    Pins 43 to 50 are all +5V. These lines are GND and data at a standard SASI interface.
    So it is definitely not a standard sasi bus but maybe modified for use with a special cable?

    Zobex HDCI 1.jpg Zobex HDCI 2.jpg

    It seems the card does only some addressing and buffering.

    Does anyone have more info about this board? Thanks in advance!

    Regards, Roland
    WTB: RX8E / M8357 and Case for Altair 8800

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    As time goes by, more and more info shows up on the web...
    The Zobex HDCI is a WD1000 S100 controller!

    Zobex HDCI ad.jpg

    Does anyone have documentation and software for this board?

    Regards, Roland
    WTB: RX8E / M8357 and Case for Altair 8800

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    I came across some software on bitsavers for the Zobex board
    driver supports an 18 Mbyte hard disk controlled by the Western Digital WD1001 Winchester Disk Controller coupled to the S100 bus via the Zobex HDCI interface.

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    Great! Thanks a lot! This probably makes the difference between a useless board to a working S100 hard disk controller.
    I have a WD1002 controller. The software describes the WD1001. I'm curious if there are many differences.
    If I remember correct the main difference is powering trough the bus or not... I hope there is any info about
    the dip switches to be found in the software...

    Anyway: Thanks! This helps a lot.
    WTB: RX8E / M8357 and Case for Altair 8800


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