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Thread: Osborne Executive Guides and manuals

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    Default Osborne Executive Guides and manuals

    I recently purchased an Osborne Executive on ebay (my second), and got it running again. What I really wanted was the original disks and manuals that came with the package. I had found 3 of the 5 'Guides' volumes on bitsavers (0, 2 and 4), but I could not find Volume 1. I have now archived a PDF version of volume 1 from the original, and I may contribute it soon. It goes into quite a bit of detail about the Osborne specific setup and copy utilities.

    So I now have all five paperback books in a cardboard box named Osborne Executive Guides:
    1) Osborne Executive Guides, Volume 0 Beginners Guide
    2) Osborne Executive Guides, Volume 1 Mastering the Osborne Executive
    3) Osborne Executive Guides, Volume 2 Working with Text and Spreadsheets
    4) Osborne Executive Guides, Volume 3 Managing Information with Personal Pearl
    5) Osborne Executive Guides, Volume 4 Operating Systems

    And a set of technical Manuals. The first three are 8.5x11 paperbacks
    Volume B: Programmers Guide
    Volume C: Hardware Design and Theory of Operation
    Volume D: Integrated Circuit Specifications
    Volume E: ROM 1.21/BIOS 1.1 Source Code Listings
    -- This one is 3 hole punched, and would be easy to copy/scan

    Strangely enough, there is no Volume A: of the technical manuals.
    Does anybody have any idea what Volume A was about?

    BTW, the collection seems to have been owned by a Jim Belcher. I don't have the heart to ask the seller where he got the set, but his last name wasn't Belcher.
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