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Thread: Tandy CM-5 CGA Monitor Service Manual Wanted

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    Default Tandy CM-5 CGA Monitor Service Manual Wanted

    This appears to be unobtanium.......
    My Wish List: Vintage Mac SCSI->ETHERNET DaynaPORT LINK T DP0801 Manual, Make-It 486 (or other) 80286 upgrades, Hallock Systems gear / disk images, Copy II PC 'Enhanced' Option Board, Earth Computers ISA Z80 cards & TurboDOS disk. TRS-80 Model IV TurboDOS, Pulsar Little Big Board gear, Tandy Videotext Information System (VIS) for Model 16 Xenix

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    I haven't found one either. I've found CM-4 and CM-8 service manuals online, but no CM-5. There are similarities between the two monitors, and between them I might be able to trace what's wrong with the vertical circuit on my CM-5.
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