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Thread: Vulcan GS Hard Drive & 3.5" Floppy drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Stewart View Post
    These are the CFs that work for me. Sandisk and Lexar
    I used to use some Lexar, they seemed pretty compatible, but I had a few failures that soured me to them. They don't seem to like being written to the way many modern OS's do, 2 failed me running Linux in matter of 6 months, replaced with Sandisk 2 years ago, and still going strong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeXT View Post
    Applied Engineering used the super nasty Western Digital drives with 8-bit IDE interfaces...
    No, AE used AT IDE drives. You're thinking of Applied Ingenunity's InnerDrive and OverDrive; those uses XT-IDE WD jobs. I have one that shorted itself out.

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    Interesting. Someone else who had a Vulcan drive. I think it was cool primarily because of the name.

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    I wasn’t actually looking for a brand, just something that worked.
    I have spare drives but I thought that eventually they were going to die. Then going through my stuff I found some old CFs. One 16mb CF worked with the Vulcan cards. I’d heard that most CFs wouldn’t work. Then I got the idea that a lot of my friends had old cameras that they weren’t using any more. So I started borrowing their CFs to try out. I had little luck until I borrowed some from one friend. He had a couple that worked and he had several copies in unopened packages.

    Previously I’d tried other 32 and 64mb Sandisk CFs but they didn’t work. My guess and I may be wrong is that at some time they stopped making CFs 8 bit compatible

    My original thought was to just find compatible CFs and store them away until such time as my drives died. Now it’s a bit harder because the Cfs are faster than the original drives. With the IIgs 40mb Miniscribe the CFs do reads about 50% faster but with the IIe 40mb WD, the CF does reads almost 5 times as fast. Also the IIgs Vulcan can use the 64mb CFs.

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