Some people have been asking for these for a couple of years. I hope the wait will be worth it for those people.

I have memory expansion, 4K sram and the backplane PCBs on order. Combine those with the CPU, front panel, input and DBB cards that I already had made for the SCELBI 8H project and you will be able to build a SRAM only 8B.

I have also started serious work on the PROM card. Turns out that I will probably end up going over and tweaking the entire design that I started with, so it will take a little while. Not as long as doing the 3 other boards, but those that are interested will have to wait a little while longer for the PROM boards.

Iíll have the PCBs in a week or two, but I also need to order a few parts so that I can build them up and do some sanity testing. Once design verification is done, I'll offer up individual boards and board sets for sale.

More on the SCELBI can be found at:

Also I have a SCELBI registry page almost ready to be put online. This will be similar to the Apple 1 registry that I have maintained for the past couple of years. One difference is image selection, which has been chosen to highlight the unique nature of each of the 13 systems that I currently have information on. If you know of a SCELBI and want it to be included, send me an email at with a brief history, details and images of the system.

You can get updates on both these activities by following my blog at:

Mike Willegal