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Thread: TMS 1000 vintage 4-bit

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    Default TMS 1000 vintage 4-bit


    Who has dumped the ram from a TMS 1000 series using the 'test mode' ?


    Charles Harris

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    Unfortunately, I haven't done much with a TMS 1000 at all--other than read the manual.

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    Given the fact that the TMS1000 is ancient PMOS (logic level issues) and doesn't contain that many instructions in its program ROM, it seems to be easier to simply reverse-engineer the functionality of the thing.

    I've got a couple rattling around in my hellbox, but I've never been interested in reading out the contents for what appears to be nothing more (in their cases) a relatively simple programmable timer.

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    Do you mean "dumped the ROM"? Is that even possible? I don't see a procedure in the 1976 TMS 1000 Series Data Manual.


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