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Thread: My Collection (addiction)

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    Quote Originally Posted by olePigeon View Post
    Lisa 1 had 2x twiggy drives, correct? Did the Lisa 1 to 2 upgrade include a new front bezel?
    My understanding is yes. They replaced the bezel, installed an adapter so the 400k drive had something to sit on, ROMs, etc.. few other changes. We suspect mine (or parts of) started as a Lisa 1. It appears to have a 1 drive cage with the 400k drive adapter. However there is a mismatch between serial number and what's encoded on the system boards. The external serial points to production in 83, a health check dump puts the system at late 84. We're guessing an unsold/incomplete 1 unit that was converted at factory to 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashbash View Post
    Awesome collection. How you finding the iMacs, have any CRT issues with them? One of mine doesn't degauss correctly anymore.
    No issues with the imacs yet. But I have issues with my Color Classic... darkish spot in center. Tried to degauss and got some improvement but not much.

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    Wow you have heaps of stuff! It's like a museum!

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    Updated my list. I've acquired over 120 items, and man do they take up space. Makes me wonder how the pcmuseum guy in Brantford, ON handles 1000+!

    This does not include a heap of vintage PC stuff.

    I think this year I'm going to focus on filling out the collection with less expensive things - like Tandy Mod 100, etc.

    Atari 800
    Atari 130XE
    Atari 520ST
    Atari 1040ST
    ASCI System X u68
    Apple I (replica board)
    Apple II (Rev 02)
    Apple II+ Late 500k SN
    Apple II+ SN - 19020 - Rev 04
    Apple II+ (Bell & Howell)
    Apple Iic
    Apple Iie
    Apple Iic+
    Apple Iie Platinum
    Apple ///
    Apple Lisa 2
    Apple Macintosh Plus
    Apple Macintosh Classic
    Apple Macintosh SE
    Apple Macintosh Color Classic
    Apple Macintosh II
    Apple Macintosh TV
    Apple Macintosh LC II
    Apple Macintosh LC III
    Apple Macintosh LC 475
    Apple Powerbook 100
    Apple Powerbook G4 12"
    Apple Powermac 7100/66
    Apple Powermac G4 400
    Apple iBook G4
    Apple iMac 233
    Apple iMac 333?
    Apple eMac
    Colecovision Adam
    Commodore KIM-1
    Commodore PET 2001 (chiclet)
    Commodore PET 2001 (regular keyboard)
    Commodore PET 4016
    Commodore SuperPET
    Commodore CBM 8032
    Commodore VIC-20
    Commodore 64 (Silver label)
    Commodore 64 (regular breadbox)
    Commodore 64c
    Commodore 128
    Commodore SX-64
    Commodore 16
    Commodore 116
    Commodore Amiga 1000 (rev A)
    Commodore Amiga 2000
    Commodore Amiga 500
    Commodore Amiga 600HD
    Commodore PC 10-II
    Commodore PC 10-III
    Commodore 486 Tower
    DEC Rainbow 100A
    Digital Group Z80
    Digital Group 8080
    Don Lancaster TV Typewriter (reproduction)
    E&L Instruments MMD-1
    Hal Communications HAL DS-3100 ASR
    Heathkit H8
    Homebuilt Z80
    Homebuilt Z80
    IBM PC (5150)
    IBM PCjr
    IBM PC AT (5170)
    IBM PS/2 Model 30
    IBM Thinkpad 730T
    IBM Thinkpad 701c
    IBM Thinkpad 360
    IBM Thinkpad 760ED
    Intel MDS Intellec 230
    Interact Model One
    Jupiter Cantab Jupiter Ace
    Jon Titus Mark-8 Mini Computer (boards & parts)
    Jon Titus Dyna-Micro (homebrew?)
    Kaypro 16
    Mattel Aquarius
    Memodyne M-80 Cassette Computer
    Midwest Scientific Instruments 6800
    Motorola MC68000 Educational Computer
    Netronics Explorer/85
    Netronics VID 1 Terminal (w/z80 homebrew)
    Linden One (Apple II clone)
    Ohio Scientific Challenger C1P
    Ohio Scientific 500 (Superboard I)
    Orange Apple II clone
    Prototype SOL Intelligent Terminal (reproduction
    Sinclair ZX80
    Sinclair ZX81
    SWTPC TV Typewriter II (CT-1024)
    SWTPC TV Typewriter II (homebrew)
    SWTPC TV Typewriter II (CT-1024)
    SWTPC CT-82 Terminal
    SWTPC 6800 (early)
    SWTPC 6800 (late)
    Tandy TRS 80 Model 1
    Tandy TRS 80 Model 2
    Tandy Color Computer
    Tandy 1000 EX
    Tektronix 6800 Development System
    Tektronix 4051
    Texas Instruments TI-99/4a
    Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40
    Timex Sinclair 1000
    Toshiba T1000
    Toshiba T1100+
    Toshiba T3200
    Umtech Videobrain
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