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Thread: Help with a HP 9000/310

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    Default Help with a HP 9000/310

    I finally got around to doing some research on an old HP 9000/310 I picked up from the local recycler a few weeks ago. The only identifing sticker on the system board labeled it a 98561-66516.
    Also included were a 98543a framebuffer, a 9153b drive unit, keyboard, and two other small hp-il devices.

    I managed to dig up an old null modem cable and hook it to a box running minicom. I attempted to guess a correct setting using info from the hp300 port of NetBSD, which only goes as far as saying unsupported. Since this box had a switch marked rem I changed that.

    Using 8n1 at 9600, xon/xoff I only get a short string of characters on the term, with a single character on the right. That is the only one that seems to change.

    It seems that I have a functioning system, but given the fact that none of the free *nixs work on this, and that it was a 80's workstation and not a 80's home computer/game system has left me at a loss as to how proceed, or if I'm chasing long gone ghosts.

    Is a null modem pinout the correct one to use if I connect it to another computer running a term emulator, and are the serial settings correct? I'm also going to take a wild guess that the hard drive inside the 9153b isn't going to contain a bootable system, as it is too small. And out of interest, is it possible to rig something up to the framebuffer since a monitor seems to be the major missing piece here?

    Clues, hints, and references would be much appreciated.

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    Wow Al, talk about a GREAT response. Tech specs even.

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    Thanks for the link Al! I'm going to grab a drink and try to make sense of this.

    It irks me though that Google didn't find these.

    Hopefully, off I go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Yager View Post
    Always check bitsavers first, it's the best on daNet.
    I agree. I just wish I could convince Al to post more here! (nudge, nudge - wink, wink - say no more, say no more.)


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