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Thread: Pc-mos/386

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    Default Pc-mos/386

    Anyone ever play with PC-MOS in the early 90's?
    I worked at a VAR that was authorized for it, and we installed quite a few of those for MultiUSer DOS setup, especially for Revelation apps, and for RealWorld and Synchronics DOS accounting apps.

    I have a few versions, even 5.01, which was near the end for The Software Link, the developer. I think I have a version on a 1.44Mb 3.5" FD, as well.

    Anyone know the status? They've been out of business for years...

    It WAS a very cool MultiUser DOS-compatible system... and it could co-reside on a disk alongside regular DOS. I remember pushing the Remote Access BBS developers to allow for compatibility with it, and they DID add it..this was around '90-'93 or so....

    I have the tech manuals, the sofware manuals, the internal-use-only tech manual, etc...


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    I really liked PC-MOS and used it on my first 386, allowing me to drive a couple of dumb terminals...

    I'm thinking that it might be useful for a current project, but I'm concerned about overcoming HDD size limitations and lack of support for 3.5" FDs.

    I have several copies, mostly 5-user, I think there is one 25-user in the bunch, but all I have is the installation/user's guide, so I don't know if I've got enough info to overcome the issues mentioned above.

    It's too bad they are not still around, as this would make a nice, compact, ROMable OS.

    For this task, I need to have three tasks running, to emulate 3 individual Intel 8085 processors, as well as a dumb terminal to act as a kind of Monitor program (watch instruction execution and allow insertion of comments in the code). Additionally, I need to run some specific serial peripherals: a 128-key matrix keyboard, a 2x20 LCD Display and a receipt/journal/slip printer. The peripherals need to run in one of the tasks only.

    I'm also looking at a product called VMIX which is a DOS extension. It has more peripheral support, but I would sure like to use this PC-MOS once more, just for "old times" sake...

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    Used it, sold it and even have an old AT Gizmo card (from the 286 redition) sitting right here in a box of stuff that's going on my site.

    Considering the technology of the time, it was a pretty slick system.
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    I sent about a dozen of those gizmo cards to the tech recycler a year or so ago--every single one of them had developed a problem.

    I even had one that I pulled out of one operating machine and put it into another to test the other, and the card went out. Flaky hardware after a while, I guess.

    But yes, a pretty slick system once it's all configured...We inherited this stuff from a friend of ours that got out of the software business. He had used PC-MOS back in the day for medical office software he was selling. He also used it for an MLS style property database for a brief time in the late 80s.

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    I just found this thread today while searching the web for "PC-MOS" I've resurrected my old 386 PC with 2MB of RAM, Dual booting 60MB HDD that has 31MB going to DOS 3.30 and 32MB going to PC-MOS 4.0 PC-MOS is already setup for 3 users (including the console) and 1 Serial Printer. Amazingly this computer still works fine, so I just replaced the power supply fan, which was starting to whine, and added a new computer clock battery. Now I'm thinking about upgrading the monochrome monitor to an EGA monitor I have laying about. I'll have to get an old EGA card. I don't know if it's hard to find drivers for it. This same computer uses the Stargate 8 serial port addon. The one terminal that I have that connects to it, is a Link PCTerm. It still works good too, but the up arrow on the keyboard is a little iffy.

    I used to use this setup to test a mulituser Clipper/dbase application I sold back in the 80's-90's to paging companies (remember them?) Anyhoo, now its just an antique curiosity, but I'm having fun with it!

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    I've got a couple of 'extra' EGA cards. Pm if ya want one.

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    pm sent!

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    I still think PC-MOS is dynamite...of course, I get excited any time I see a dumb terminal running off a PC.

    I think we've decided to adopt SCO unix for the application I mentioned above, so I'll put PC-MOS back on the shelf and wait for a good time to dust it off again...
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    I got a picture today. I had to disable the autoexec.bat which sets up all the work spaces to keep the screen from whizzing away.

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    I swear that brings a tear to my eyes...

    Isn't it amazing how much we could do with (comparatively) so little hardware? Today a gigahertz pentium running XP can barely keep one person working!

    I one time I had a couple of long tables with the computer, four terminals and a couple of printers set up. This was years ago, of was nifty to show off when people stopped by the house...
    Windows: worst operating system in the world, almost two decades running!


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