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Thread: Introducing InverseATASCII Podcast

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    Default Introducing InverseATASCII Podcast

    After hearing many great Atari podcasts and other retro ones as well I wanted to talk about something often overlooked on the vintage Atari's - the productivity software. This podcast will feature products such as word processors, databases, spreadsheets, editors, page designers, etc. I'm a little late posting it in this forum as there are a couple of episodes already up.

    Here are the links:

    Website (subscribe and listen):
    Facebook (discuss):
    Twitter: or @InverseATASCII

    It is also index in iTunes.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Season 1 Episode 3 featuring Atari Calculator has been posted to the InverseATASCII website and iTunes. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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    Season 1 Episode 4 featuring Atari Mailing List has been posted to the InverseATASCII website and iTunes. Enjoy and thanks again for listening!

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    Season 1 Episode 5, APX Decision Maker, has been released.

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    Season 1 Episode 6, Synapse SynFile+, has been released.

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    Season 1 Episode 7, APX Weekly Planner, has been released.

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    Season 1 Episode 8, VisiCorp VisiCalc, has been released.

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    Season 1 Episode 9, Atari Family Finances, has been released.

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    Season 1, Episode 10, Atari Stock Charting, has been released.

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    Season 1, Episode 11, Computari A Financial Wizard, has been released.

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