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Thread: Introducing InverseATASCII Podcast

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    Season 2 Episode 17 featuring Atari Biorhythm has been released:

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    S2EB3 featuring Hi Tech Expressions AwardWare has been released:

    Video demonstration of animation:

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    S2E18 featuring Antic Publishing, The Family Tree has been released:

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    S2E19 featuring CSS Rich Man's 80 Column Word Processor, with bonus interview, has been released:

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    S2E20 featuring Atari The Bookkeeper has been released:

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    S3E01 featuring Compute! Publishing Scriptor and SpeedScript 3 has been released. This is inverse of previous season openers, tune in to hear why.

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    S3E02 featuring Synapse SynTrend (SynStat & SynGraph) has been released.

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    S3E03 featuring Batteries Included HomePak has been released.

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    S3E04 featuring Antic HomeCard has been released:

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    S3E05 MPP MicroFiler has been released:

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