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Thread: Introducing InverseATASCII Podcast

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    Season 3 Episode B1 featuring Floppy Disks has been published:

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    Videos of each are also on the Inverse ATASCII YouTube channel, links in the show notes.

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    Well, not quite all, but thanks for supplying that information. I overlooked it!

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    Season 4 Episode 1, Batteries Included PaperClip has been released:

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    Season 4 Episode 2, XLEnt Software First XLEnt Word Processor has been released:

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    Season 4 Episode 3 featuring XLEnt Software MegaFont II+, including interview, has been released:

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    Season 4 Episode 4 featuring XLEnt Software Page Designer has been released:

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    Season 4 Episode 5 featuring XLEnt Software The Rubber Stamp has been released:

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    Season 4 Episode 6 featuring XLEnt Software Typesetter has been released:

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    Season 4 Episode 7 featuring Timeworks The Money Manager has been released:

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