I've been researching a mint-condition "device" I recently acquired

There is virtually nothing about this specific unit

Here are the only two links that offers any substantial information about my "Alextel Videotex Service" console

The "museum" at the first link has not answered their phone over the past week; where I've called a dozen times!

I'm not sure what sort of "museum" it is

Essentially I'm interested in what this machine may be worth to the "right collector"

I understand the fundamental requirements that make something "rare" and potentially "valuable"

Here are some things I'd like to note re the potential collectible value and "rarity" of an Alextel console

Feel free to comment

- It is rare in the sense that there don't appear to be many around

- The concept - pre internet etc - is groundbreaking and was very popular in France; but failed miserably in Canada

- The fact that a Bell product failed is a rarity

- The fact that it is a Bell product makes it "collectible" if rare - Bell's history is arguably more fascinating than Apple's; and would likely go down in history as the Grandfather of all communications innovations if one were creating such a historical record

Clearly this would be a device for a specific collector - perhaps of a subset of collectors

Any information re this console and what I've offered re my thoughts are welcomed

Thank You


Clearly there is a lot more information about the Minitel unit and Videotex service