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Thread: FS Amstrad Pc2086 System Unit & Keyboard

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    Default FS Amstrad Pc2086 System Unit & Keyboard

    I have an Amstrad PC2086 System Unit with Keyboard for sale

    640KB RAM
    1 720K 3.5" floppy drive

    It's actually a PC2086/30 unit, but the 30MB IDE drive and controller that was originally supplied is missing. Any 3.5" drive & matching controller could be fitted, or replaced with a CF card and controller.

    One of the few XT-cl;ass machines to have a HD floppy controller, it also has an external floppy port, so a 5.25" of either type could be attached.

    This model can use a standard VGA monitor, as the PSU is in the case, not the monitor.

    Looking for about 40

    Willing to ship anywhere, but outside Europe will probably be too expensive.
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