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Thread: Uses for Volker-Craig VC 404 Terminals

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    Default Uses for Volker-Craig VC 404 Terminals

    In perusing Dave Dunfields site I noticed he had some Volker-Craig Terminals. I have one of the much-maligned VC 404s and in googling it I came up with this long-progressing article on possible uses for them.

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    I didn't read the entire article, but in scanning the Table of Contents, I didn't notice any reference to 'Boat Anchor' (or is that too obvious & over-utilized?), although 'Marine Depth Guage' is mentioned. I've also thought of another possible use which is not mentioned. How about a mason's plumb-bob for really tall skyscrapers?

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    Very Strange! Hard to believe someone actually took the time to compile all that. Talk about "too much time on my hands..."


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