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    Hello everyone! I just got a couple of things from my uncle, a cassette boombox, a sears super pong tele-games machine, and this little thing, a Laser Compumate 2. I was hoping to get some more info on it and an idea as of what to do with it. It has tabs punched out for telephone jacks but alas, no telephone jacks are in them. It has a removable thing on the back that reveals what looks like an IDE floppy connector. It powers on fine with 4 AA batteries however what I can do on it is quite limited. I'm def. not gonna pitch it, this thing is cool. If I were to get a modem for it, could i do some BBSing? Probably not, but it would be cool to see on the little calculator screen. Thanks!246jnef.jpg

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    I have one of these too, it's kind of neat because it has RAM/ROM and a Z80 CPU so underneath it's a minature computer.

    I don't have any manuals or option lists, but without any of the add ons (depending on what was available) they're pretty limited to being a glorified electronic phone book. It's also possible the phone jacks are simply an option so it could auto-dial for you, not sure if a modem was an internal option or not.

    I think the socket under the panel at the back was so that you could add new programs via a ROM cartridge.

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    AlAlright. I can look on ebay for rom cartridges.

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    I did some asking and the floppy-like connector is indeed for ROM cartridges. I'll look some more for some I can buy.

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    No luck on ebay. This thing is cool but its really just taking up space.

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