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Thread: Tank Wars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad-Mike View Post
    might have to check over the one I have on my 486 tonight.
    Please do! In fact, I encourage everyone with any c:\games folders on their machines, to zip up their stash and either send it to me for examination, or scan it yourself using the TDC .dat file and DOSCenter
    (games must be zipped for doscenter to be able to examine them)

    This is the fastest way to find out if you have any games that we don't have record of- we use a database of CRC's inside the zip to compare what you have vs. what we have logged into our collection. Anything unknown needs to be archived.

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    Beware of downloading Tankwars online. Nearly every copy I tried was infected.

    I just ordered a bunch of discs to copy the games and programs off this HDD before it gives up. There's some weird stuff on here. Once I get it on CD or something, I'll send a copy to an archivist here, and another to LGR, as he's always interested in stuff like that.

    I did get my copy of Bard's Tale III up and running on this old 5150. Dropped in a sixpack, got it configured, and the game is happy now. It actually runs a bit fast, shockingly.

    I forgot how horrid that music was on the PC speaker. LMAO

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    One of the first VGA artillery games - I played it during five years when I was little!

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    Hi, first post here. I don't know what's in the database but I have Tank Wars version 1.5 and didn't see anyone talking about that. I probably can send it, but since I don't know where to, here is the game as a MailBigFile download: (I think the link expires in April 2019?)
    That nugnugnug website is not active or I'd email that guy. If the MailBigFile link doesn't work, you'll have to email me I guess.

    I don't know if this version came from Shareware or a BBS. We used to buy lots of PC Shareware on floppies (there was a print catalog circa 1991-1992) but I don't remember whether came from that. We also downloaded games from a BBS. Very well loved game though. I think we tossed all the floppies about four years ago at a recycler, sorry.

    This particular Bomb.EXE was created Wednesday, December 5, 1990 at 4:39 PM

    Tank Wars 1.5 has six computer AI: Mr. Stupid, Lobber, Rifleman, Twanger, Windless Wit, and Lob & Shoot as the avaiable opponents. The AI named Windmaster was a later creation.
    also the sky background screen is black not the multi-color one. The max number of players/AI is 10. The purchase screen is a basic text menu, not the graphical point-and-click seen in later versions.

    I was just playing this game last night in DOSBox and it rang up some nice memories.

    This is the contents of Bomb.txt:

    Tank Wars
    Release 1.5
    Copyright (C) 1990 by Kenny Morse

    DESCRIPTION: This is a game for 1 to 10 players. Opponents
    attempt to destroy each others tanks by firing various
    weapons at them. There are also 6 computer intelligences
    available to compete against.

    NAME CHANGE: This program was written under the working title of
    BOMB, as the files are still called. However, due to the
    fact that there is already a game of that name, I was forced
    to change it to Tank Wars. If there is already a game of
    that name, would the author please inform me so that I can
    change the name again.

    REQUIREMENTS: This program runs in 320x200x256 color mode.
    Currently it will only run with a VGA monitor attached, and
    running as the current monitor. A mouse is not required,
    but utilized if present and Microsoft compatible. This was
    written on my 16MHz PS/2 55SX. The game is currently
    untested on machines of greater speed. At 8MHz certain
    parts are a little slow. At 4.77Mhz the game is painfully

    SHAREWARE: TANK WARS is distributed as Shareware. You are free
    to try the game and make copies for others. If you continue
    to use the game, however, you are required to pay the author
    a registration fee of $10. Please include any comments you
    may have. Registered users will be added to my mailing
    list. You will be notified of major releases of this

    FILES: The following files are included in this package:

    BOMB.EXE: Main File
    BOMB.OVR: Overlay File
    BOMB.TXT: This File
    BOMB.DOC: Documentation
    REVISION.HST: List of changes
    BOMB1.RAW: Graphics file
    BOMB2.RAW: Graphics file
    BOMB.ICO: Icon file for Windows 3.0 users.

    All previously listed files are Copyright (C) 1990 by Kenny
    Morse and may not be modified in any way.

    SUPPORT: Currently electronic support will be provided to
    everybody. I can be reached on Prodigy at TGTM35B, and on
    Compuserve at 76427,3305. My address is listed in the
    documentation file. Mailed questions will be answered only
    for registered users, please include a self addressed
    stamped envelope or CIS or Prodigy ID so that I can respond.

    TECHNICAL INFO: This program has been tested on very few
    machines. It was designed on a 16Mhz PS/2 55SX, with 6MB of
    memory. Thus it is almost sure to work on another 55SX. It
    has shown repeated problems ATI VGA cards. The ATI does not
    palette switch correctly with my program. If this problem
    exists on your machine, player 3 will be the same color as
    player 1, instead of being blue as it should be, and the
    third weapon in the selection strip will be highlighted
    regardless of whether you own it. I would appreciate a
    response from any ATI users stating whether or not they
    encounter this problem. Since this problem was first
    discovered, it has been reported on 3 other ATI's. I have
    rewritten the palette routines, with luck this solved the
    problem. If not, I would appreciate a response from anyone
    with knowledge about ATI cards.
    When this problem manifests itself it can become
    difficult to determine what weapon is currently selected. I
    am working on the problem, for the moment the best advice I
    can offer is that you when you are ready to fire, call up
    your status, in the status box the current weapon will be

    GRAPHICS FILES: It is no longer necessary to have BOMB1.RAW and
    BOMB2.RAW to play the game. If you need the disk space,
    delete BOMB1.RAW. This will cause the program to only load
    BOMB2.RAW and the title screen will be less spectacular.
    Deleting BOMB2.RAW causes the title screen to be skipped

    MEMORY USAGE: This program was written in Turbo Pascal, and uses
    the internal overlay manager. If EMS is present, it will
    load the entire overlay file (about 100k) into EMS. It will
    then swap in and out of conventional memory. If you don't
    have EMS, all swapping will be to/from disk. The program
    will take advantage of all the conventional memory present.
    If you have enough conventional memory, the entire overlay
    will be loaded in, and no swapping will occur. If you have
    less memory, swapping will occur and the program will run
    noticeably slower. To determine whether you have enough
    memory, simply execute BOMB /MEM. If the number listed as
    "Overlay Set To" is greater than the size of the overlay
    (currently around 60K), no swapping is necessary.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I would like to thank Borland, for without
    Turbo Pascal, this program could never have been written. I
    would also like to thank Microsoft, for I could not have
    written this so easily without a multi-tasking environment.
    I also would like to thank WordPerfect Corp. for WordPerfect
    with which I wrote these files. Finally I would like to
    thank Chris Sparks and Brett Moseley for their endless hours
    of beta testing and contributed ideas. 

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    Your link is broken.

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    Since this thread was opened, the total DOS collection has accumulated a few more copies. Here's what we have today:
    Tank Wars (1986)(Cody Snider) [Action, Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars v1.5 [SW] (1990)(Kenny Morse) [Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars v2.0 [SW] (1991)(Kenny Morse) [Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars v2.5 [SW] (1991)(Kenny Morse) [Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars v3.0 [SW] (1992)(Kenny Morse) [Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars v3.2 [SW] (1992)(Kenny Morse) [Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars v2.07 (1995)(ML) [Action, Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars (Ru) (1996)(Dimas (AMI-93)) [Action].zip
    Tank Wars! v1.2 (2000)(Antz Entertainment, Andrew Frost) [Strategy].zip
    Tank Wars Gold Edition vD1.30 (2002)(Antz Entertainment, Andrew Frost) [Strategy].zip

    I'd love to compare the version you attempted to post to the one in TDC, just to make sure the copies are good.

    The revision.hst file in 3.0 list a few other copies that are still missing:
    V1.0 October 28, 1990: (116K) First Release
    V1.1 November 5, 1990: (90K) Speed Upgrade
    V1.2 November 16, 1990: (111K) Program Enhancement
    V1.3 November 23, 1990: (121K) Program Enhancement
    V1.4 November 30, 1990: (111K) Code Optimization & Bug Fixes
    V1.6 K) Bug fixes and Switch additions.

    Hopefully those will materialize someday to help complete the collection.


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