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Thread: Modded NEO GEO AES for sale or trade.

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    Default Modded NEO GEO AES for sale or trade.

    I'm looking to sell my Modded NEO GEO AES. It has been modded with component outputs and a light up power button that changes color, and a Unibios chip. It is in good shape with average wear for the age. It comes with a third party controller that is basically a modified Super Nintendo Controller, A third party power supply, a scart cable, and a Japanese copy of Fatal fury 2. The case for the game is rough and cartridge feels a bit loose but it works great. A thing to note is that the component mod dose not work with all TV's as the system put's out a strange hertz frequency that not all Televisions can show. But scart to HDMI works great. I'm looking to get $300 (That's including shipping) or best offer or trades. I'll trade for lots of things. If a trade is agreed upon, you pay shipping for the Neo Geo and what ever you choose to trade. If you have any questions please contact me.

    neo 1.jpgneo 2.jpgneo 3.jpgneo 5.jpgneo 7.jpg

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