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Thread: ID This Ancient Laptop?

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    Question ID This Ancient Laptop?

    This ancient (probably 286/386 era) laptop is on my local craigslist for $20 and I haven't heard back from the guy yet, any idea what brand/model this thing is? It clearly has some kind of logo on the left directly under the screen but its way too blurry to read. Any help is appreciated

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    The guy texted me back and said its called an NCR. So far google has told me only that there was a brand called NCR that made laptops and I saw a few pictures but none of them looked like this

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    It looks like my NCR 3150. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it at hand.
    But NCR does have pictures:
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    Lots more info about the company history on that web site. Also here:-

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsngrimm View Post
    there was a brand called NCR that made laptops
    Understatement of the year (so far) ... NCR is a massively historic electronics and computer company, right up there with IBM and such.
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    NCR 3150:Two years ago, NCR established itself as an important player in the notebook market with the Safari 3170. This year, it's introduced another major machine - the 3150 notebook.
    The 3150 is sleek, light, and fast. It's powered by a 25-MHz 486SX processor, and has a 9.5-inch screen, local-bus video, PCMCIA Type 2 slot, a 1.44MB floppy drive, and external trackball. The 3150 also comes with 4MB of RAM (upgradeable to 20MB), and a removable hard disk of 80-170MB, capacity. Video options include monochrome, passivematrix color, and active-matrix color. The monochrome and passive matrix displays can be upgraded to active matrix.
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    Ncr 3150... Have one but it's in non working condition


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