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Thread: Geneve 9640 disk controllers

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    Default Geneve 9640 disk controllers

    About TI disk controllers, which ones are suitable for the Geneve 9640?

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    Any of the following disk controllers work well with the Geneve 9640:

    TI DSSD Controller (the original controller for the PEB), The CorComp DSDD Controller, the Myarc DSDD controller, the Atronic DSDD controller, the SNUG BwG DSDD controller, the Myarc Personality card (a SASI Hard Disk controller), the Myarc HFDC (a DSDD floppy and an MFM hard disk controller), WHT SCSI controller (hard disk), SNUG ASCSI controller (hard disk), or the Nouspikel IDE controller (hard disk). The original TI DSDD controller would also work, though you are not likely to find one. The only ones to avoid are the sidecar type controllers (Percom Data TX99, the little CorComp 9900 Micro Expansion, the Myard MPES50, the Atronic CPS99, or the original SSSD TI Sidecar controller). That pretty much covers it, as I don't think I missed any of the controllers that were available for the TI at one time or another.

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    I've read something about some incompatibilities between MDOS versions and disk controllers. Must MDOS be patched to work with each controller type?, also, some controllers work with SD, others support DD, even one Myarc model works in HD, does all of them have a MDOS compatible boot disk?

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    There were some issues between earlier versions of MDOS and specific controllers. Really early versions (up to 1.14) had separate versions for floppy controllers (any that would go into the PEB) and Hard Disk controllers (at that time the only two hard disk controllers were the Myarc HFDC (MFM) and the Myarc personality card (SASI). Later versions united the two and added support for SCSI, and later for IDE Hard Disk types. The current version is 6.70. Everything from 5 onward requires that the additional 32K of zero-wait-state RAM modification be done, and it now requires a double sided, single density disk as your boot disk. Earlier versions fit on a single sided, single density disk. As long as the TI formatted disk is 160K or greater, it is big enough--and that is the minimum size for some of the Myarc controllers and the TI DSDD controller when formatting a single-sided disk to DD. All of the other controllers use 180K per side in DD. As long as the controller can read a TI DSSD disk (all of them can), you have access to a boot disk.

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    Great!, very useful info, thanks again!
    So basically any disk controller can work with the Geneve, cool. That leaves me only with the hardest task, find a disk controller

    About the 32K mod, I'm not sure my Geneve has it, I can't remember piggybacked ICs except the ones used in the 192KB VRAM upgrade.

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    You might want to join the Geneve9640 group on Yahoo! and ask about getting that mod done (I think the instructions for it are in the group's files section if you are good with soldering). Tim Tesch is on that group and he is the world's premier repairman for Geneve's. He also does the PFM upgrades to add a persistent, bootable OS (along with some additional usable storage space) onto the Geneve itself.
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    I suppose you mean this group:

    I'll check it for sure!

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    Well, I've finally located a PHP1240; so I'm waiting for it now. I'm eager to try it in the full setup

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    Excellent news! It looks like you will soon be having lots of fun with your Geneve!
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    Well, I've been lucky to purchase a fully working PHP1240. After some testing, seems it's 100% functional. Now I need to mod it to get the DSSD .

    About this one I'm a bit confused; following the explanation here, do I need to mod the EPROMs (pulling pins, adding resistors, etc.) or simply burn and replace as suggested in the zip file with the binaries?


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